COVID antibody testing

COVID Testing: Determining if someone has the virus, as I’m sure you’ve seen in videos online, involves an elongated Q-tip inserted into the nostril [since the virus likes to hangout in the back of the nose]. In contrast, the test to see if you were previously exposed to the virus is a blood test  [“antibody” test]. Back to the bonfire analogy. The fire is Covid. After the fire is out, you can still see there was a fire there because of the ash, soot, etc [think antibody]. 

Ok, why are you mentioning all of this? Right now in Canada we don’t have a widely available antibody test because the test is yet to be perfected. In contrast, the US rushed to create various antibody tests. And low and behold, they are not accurate. I mention all of this because you might have read that “the antibody test is inaccurate”. But that really only applies to the US, so don’t let that news get you down!