How does COVID-19 affect the LGBTQ+ population?

There some special considerations for transgender people. Any LGBTQ+ persons who breast bind should be especially mindful of their binding habits at this time. As a general rule of thumb, people should aim to bind as infrequently as possible; healthy binding habits involve less than 6-8 hours per day and several days off per week, which prevents damage to your chest, ribcage, and lungs. In someone sick with COVID-19, binding can make it harder to get enough oxygen to breathe. If you are sick, you should not bind.

Some people on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have asked if they are at higher risk of COVID-19. We have no evidence to suggest that standard hormone therapy affects a person’s immune system. However, being in healthcare settings as part of your routine HRT care (e.g. for blood tests) may increase your risk of community exposure. Your physician may want to postpone routine bloodwork or other healthcare needs to minimize your exposure risk and help keep you safe. For more information, review the resources put forward by the National Center for Transgender Equality on COVID-19.

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