If you get COVID-19, can you get it again after you recovered?

In April there were reports from Korea that some people with COVID-19 are getting reinfected after initially fighting off the virus, are these reports correct? We don’t think so.

This is confusing to explain so let’s think of an analogy. You are at your cottage and you're having a bonfire. The bonfire is COVID-19. The bonfire eventually dies down. You even toss some water on it to make sure it is out. The next morning you see a small amount of smoke over the fire pit. Is there a new fire?! [AKA, has COVID-19 come back?!] Nope. there are just some embers that maybe you missed that are just letting off some smoke. The small amount of smoke is a “false alarm”. In epidemiology we call these “false positives” [AKA. the test came back positive, but the person doesn’t have COVID19 still]. I’m not sure if this helps or makes it all more confusing. Take home point: roasted marshmallows are delicious. 

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