The COVID19_ASK Team

Michael Fralick


Dr. Fralick is a board certified General Internist in Canada and the US.  He is a Clinician Scientist at Sinai Health, Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and Affiliated Faculty in the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He also practices in Sault Ste Marie as a locum physician.

Christopher Kandel


Infectious Diseases physician who is a clinical associate at UNH/Sinai and Michael Garron Hospital. Interested in osteoarticular infections and working on a PhD with Dr. Allison McGeer.

Casey Rosen

BSc, MD 2020

Casey is a graduate of the University of Toronto MD Program. She previously completed her B.Sc. in Biology and Physiology at Western University and is excited to head back to London, Ontario to start her Family Medicine Residency! 

Padmaja Sreeram

BHSc, MD 2022

Padmaja is a second year University of Toronto medical student and a Masters student in System Leadership and Innovation Concentration of the Health Policy program at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences in the Global Health Specialization at McMaster University. 

Jordi Klein

BSc, MD 2022

Jordi is a second-year medical student at the University in Toronto with interests in health equity, philosophy of medicine, and disability advocacy.

Nykan Mirchi

MSc, MD 2023

Nykan is a first year medical student at the University of Toronto. He completed his Masters in Experimental Surgery and his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Neuroscience at McGill University.

Stephanie Lee

MD, MSc(c)

Dr. Lee is a board certified General Internist and Adult Hematologist in Canada and a Clinical Associate at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. 

James Fralick

James works in Toronto as a Research Assistant. He previously work at Cineplex, Home Depot, and Famous People Players.

Arianne Cohen

BASc, MD 2020

Arianne is a graduating medical student at the University of Toronto. She is excited to be starting her residency in Family Medicine at McMaster University in July.

Ushma Purohit

BScH, MD 2022

Ushma is a medical student at the University of Toronto and an MSc student (System Leadership and Innovation) at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. She has a Honours Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences from McMaster University.

Gary Liao

BHSc, MD 2021

Gary is a third year medical students at the University of Ottawa. He completed his Bachelors of Health Sciences at McMaster University

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